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October 27, 2012


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Alice is a strange story since it is a double metaphor. Carroll basically merged his childhood anxieties with the subject of growing up creating a multi-layered puzzle for the reader. For me the whole story is about growing up and finding personal identity.

Clare will sew

I find China Meiville's books good for forcing the brain - try Unlondon or The City and The City.


Spooky that you bring up Alice in Wonderland when we are watching the DVD with Johnny Depp

Sharon Mitchell

I can go along with the puzzle idea too. I think it helps with abstract thinking. I've only taken to it in latter years and I do find it stimulates the side of the brain that 'puts things together'! I like Code Cracker and online card games, but struggle with sudoku.

Kitty Babcock

I love doing crossword puzzles. Your dad does word search puzzles all the time. It certainly helps keep words at the ready and makes you aware of very different ideas. When I find new words, I look them up to add to my lexicon.
When you were in nursery school, Ms. Prince-Shadd insisted you needed to do more puzzles. We bought all kinds of picture puzzles of your choosing. You became quite a whiz. Maybe that is why you are so creative.

Heather M.

I do puzzles of some type every day. Sudoku and Scrabble type ones. I hope it helps my thinking!

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