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December 02, 2010


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I think it's a fantastic idea. There's nothing like the joy and confidence in making something beautiful, or just simply the act of creation.

I find doing something with my hands is in itself a therapy... it clears my head and lets me think objectively

I really hope you cen get this off the ground

Bex Ward

What a great idea! I agree that it would have a therapeutic effect. When I'm busy creating I don't have a care in the world! If you need any help with that one, you know where to find me...

Stephanie in Michigan

That's a great big idea. Why shouldn't women in these troubled situations not be allowed to have a little fun, learn a new skill, play with fun materials, and express themselves creatively? I think it's fantastic and would (a) provide an outlet for them, (b) help them learn valuable skills, (c) provide community and camaraderie (which they likely need as much as the rest of us), and (d) maybe just some pure fun, fantasy, and escape from the realities of life for a while. Isn't this why the rest of us do it? We are fortunate to have those opportunities. Why not them?!

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