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November 14, 2010


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Susan townsend

I just love these ornaments ! I'm also a Christmas addict I just can't get enough of Christmas.
I also love to give on this Special Holiday to ohters which is one of my faults. I would buy for everyone who won;t have a Christmas and then some if I had the money. I am a believer that on one should be 3with out a gift of some kind and size ,but I can't do everyone. These ornments would make a great addition to a gift. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas !

Elaine Z

Just finished making three sets for my parents and in-laws, using our own silhouettes. I cheated and used cardboard with fabric glued to it. This would also work well using scrapbook paper! I never could find the holly picks or anything close to it - had to fake it. Thank you so much for this tutorial!

nicole j bideau

these are amazing thank you for sharing


I, too, love these pieces. I will use my own family's silhouettes when I make mine though!


Ohhh thank you soooo much,you are so generous:)))I love love love this and I will start on making a few right away for Christmas:)))thanks again and happy holidays!
PS I came to your blog because I am totally enchanted by your dolls:)Is there anything you are not good at???LOL!


merci beaucoup !!!


I love the way you've styled these and all the little details! Just one question, can you define "tacky glue" a little more because I'm not quite sure what glue you mean... can you suggest a brand name for me? I've found felt to be quite tricky with glue, but obviously I've been using the wrong kind in the past! Thanks!


That is a cool tutorial Collen. Thank you.

Your ornaments are so lovely! I am going to try to make them with my daughters' silhouettes for Grandma for Christmas. Thank you so much for sharing!


I saw you on Craft Gossip! These are beautiful!
Thank you so much for sharing!!


These are simply AMAZING! Came over from Tatertots!!!


I really like this project, let see if I have the patience to craft it. I LOVE the little hats!

Heather - Dollar Store Crafts

These are so great! Jane Austen would be proud! :) And all my Austen-loving lady friends and family will love them! :)


Gorgeous x


Absolutely adorable Colleen, I love your projects. Even when you offer free things, your instructions are always so complete. Thank you and I hope to fit in some of these for this season.... Romona

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