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August 04, 2010


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Julia Locks

You ve got my vote!

Mary Wilkes

Hi Colleen,
What a wonderful picture! I went to the website and there is a drop-down box to choose by catagory and one of the catagories is Blustery Wind and John's photo is there twice, so I voted twice. Don't know if they will count both, but good luck!


Elizabeth had problems voting for our post and I went to try and see if I could get a more specific URL and I couldn't find the photography either! I am going to see if I can contact Lloyds and find out what is going on. In the meantime, perhaps there is some sort of delay before they are displayed? However, the category is Bluster Winds if that helps.


Tried to vote for you, but no success! There are over 4100 photos on display with only 20 per page, I wasted my time trolling through all these! I think my eyes must have gone to sleep after the first 1000 photos! Be more specific with the category you have put the photo into.


That's a really eerie picture! Good luck! I'm going to submit my entry now!

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