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September 26, 2008


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I have seen a beautiful ragdoll, but cannot find a pattern to make her.The problem i'm having is the's made of three panels and gives a beautiful 3d effect. Do you know of any that i could buy or find ?
many thanks


Yes, isn't it unfortunate that not all of these links are still active. However, it isn't entirely surprising considering that this post was written over two years ago. That is part of the problem with blogs - it would be extremely impractical to go back over the almost 4 years I've written these Freebie Friday posts to find every broken link. However, I do continue to write a Freebie Friday every single Friday and I am always finding new links, so when I do find exciting new patterns and tutorials you can be sure that I will link to them. Just make sure you print out or save the tutorials as you see them or they too may vanish!

b. whitesell

A couple of these patterns along with tutorial have vanished! Poof!

Cynthia Lou

I have a friend who has a little girl that ended up in the hospital a few days before Christmas and is still there. Hopefully she will be going home soon. I want to make a dolly for her and when I searched google for Raggedy Ann patterns your site was one of the first to come up. Thank you for the variety of free patterns that you've provided here. It is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful new year.

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