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July 18, 2008


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Annette Swafford

I love the expression on your doll. I would love to have the pattern for the doll. I was just thinking how I need a small clock on my entertainment center. Get busy -- Please!

Lee Anne

I will definitely be buying this pattern. Love it!

Kathy Holloway

I love your new doll. I definitely want a pattern when you have it ready. You are so creative. I know it must take a lot of work to design and then print out a pattern. You are a blessing to the cloth doll world. Hope you continue to enjoy creating! Kathy


Hi Colleen sorry I tagged you.


A very beautiful doll and it would still be just as beautiful without the clock. It all works together so well costume, face, poem and clock. Great work.


I'm second in line, right after Ramona! She looks a little too impish to be worrying about time passing, but a great concept. After just finishing a horse and rider, a clock in the stomach should be easy!

And I can't believe E.J. Taylor is your neighbor! I have "followed" his career ever since I first heard of him....quite a few years ago. Having Judi Ward for a class, meeting E.J. and making a new pattern for are going to be a busy girl. Can't wait to hear how all this comes together.

Jean Martin
Tulsa Dolling Dames

Deanna Hogan

Love everything about your new doll! Can't wait for the pattern.

I hope you don't mind that I added a link to your blog from mine:


Karen Mallory

It is a wonderful doll Colleen! And as you say useful too! I would love to see her made into a pattern!
hugs Karen

ramona rae

she is beautiful, please
make pattern or a class.
doll blessings, ramona rae

ramona rae

colleen, she is just
beautiful. what an idea.
you are so talented. will
she be a class????only
wishing. doll blessings,

Joyce Weaver

What a great idea & beautiful doll - I love her face & hair & would definitely be interested in a pattern!

sarah Lucas

I am definately interested in "Rosebuds" and how you do your faces.
Your dolls are charming!!!!


ME! ME! I want to play!
I'm in your Soul Whisperer class and am loving it. I think your dolls are beautiful and I'd love to have this one to grace my office.


Absolutely brilliant. She is gorgeous! You go girl. I think you should do the pattern.

Sarah Jones

Hi Colleen!!

Don't know if you remember me. Sarah from Sweden...
We met about 2 years ago as you were picking up your doll at the Knitting and Stitching show from Patti C.
Anyway. I think this doll is brillinat!!!
I love the idea. I totally agree with you that it is nice to have "usefull" dolls too. I love you Lillypad doll too. She is just to cute.
Hope you are well. I'd love to hear from you.
Hugs Sarah

Louise Bergeron

I will be on the list of people interested to make your pretty doll to!You are really talented! Good work


You need not ask twice, I will be first in line....She's absolutely brilliant Colleen...I definately will be buying this pattern... Well done, Romona ;o)

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